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Knock-Out Boxes

Knock-Out Boxes & Drawers, we stock a large selection of knock out boxes and drawers from small domestic boxes for home users to large commercial under counter and under grinder knock out drawers!

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Coffee Knock Box For light commercial or domestic use Compact design Enviromentally friendly, will n..
Knock out Box Stainless steel Heavy duty knock out bar Dimensions 100mm (h) x 176mm (w) x 162mm (d) ..
Knock out Box Domestic Compact yet sturdy design Use for disposial of coffee grinds from your coffee..
Stainless Steel Knock out Box In stainless steel surround Supplied with rubber gasket Dimensions: 17..
Under counter knock out drawer Made from high quality stainless steel Dimensions: Body: 344mm (w) x ..
Under grinder knock out drawer Made from high quality stainless steelKey Features: Mirror finish Q..